The AFE 46-70080 Street Series Differential Cover for your 1994-2016 Ford F-Series brings performance engineering to the protection of your truck's front-end. This differential cover is constructed out of durable die-cast A380 aluminum with reinforced ribs for maximum strength. This cover fits the Dana #60-FF axles.When it comes to engineering for power, performance, protection and value, aFe Power is the only choice. 


Built-in External Fins: 

Built-in external fins transfer heat from the fluid to the outside air for maximum cooling.


Magnetic Drain Plug: 

This system incorporates a magnetic drain plug to capture loose particles  for maximum rear-end protection. Also included is a 1/8"" NPT  calibration plug  that is set to the factory fluid level which  eliminates accidental overfilling.


Optional Accessories Available:

This cover works great combined with a oil level sight glass (Part Number: 46-00001) or deep reach magnetic fill plug (Part Number: 46-00002).



Neodymium magnetic drain plug is used for maximum gear protection

Constructed out of durable, die-cast A380 aluminum

A 1/8" NPT calibration plug is added and set to the factory fluid level for easier/quicker filling

Includes a fully machined groove to accept supplied O-ring for a leak free seal

Fits the Dana #60-FF axles


AFE 46-70080 Street Series Differential Cover