The AFE 24-91042 Pro 5R BHAF (Big Honkin' Air Filter) for your diesel pickup is designed as a universal high-flow alternative to the popular paper disposable BHAF (Big Honkin' Air Filter) commonly used in the 94-02 Cummins and many other universal applications. Testing shows that this filter outlflowed the BHAF by up to 19%. Unlike the paper versions these filters are washable and re-usable for multiple cleaning cycles.


Pro 5R Media:

This filter features Pro 5R oiled 5-layer progressively finer mesh cotton gauze media for maximum performance. The progressive layering of media allows the filter to flow at high levels even when dirty. The Pro 5R filter media has been tested at 98.6 percent filtration efficiency.


Massive Washable/Reuseable Filter:

With 8-1/2" Base x 8-1/2" Top (Inv) x 11" Height with a 4" flange, this filter is a direct replacement for the popular Donaldson paper filter P/N: ECB085011).  Rather than throwing the filter away, you can now wash the filter and reuse it over and over again.


Rounded Open Pleats:

aFe performance air filters use a rounded, evenly spaced pleat design which produces more useable filter surface area for increased flow and greater dust holding capacity. Pleats are 30% taller that the paper alternative.


100% Polyurethane Construction:

To allow multiple cleaning cycles, the top and base are made of 100% pliable polyurethane that does not deteriorate with time or exposure to heat and chemicals.



Pro 5R Factory-Oiled Media for Maximum Performance

This filter is a direct replacement for the Donaldson ECB085011 paper filter.

19% increase in Flow (427 CFM at 1.50"" H20) over Donaldson's filter.

100% Polyurethane top and base for Long Filter Life

Flange reinforced with embedded metal ring to prevent seal failure

Washable and Reuseable for Multiple Cleaning Cycles

2-Year Limited Warranty

AFE Pro 5R BHAF(Napa 6637 Replacement) - Tymar Intake