The BD-Power T4-T3 Adapter Flange 1044106 provides an inexpensive alternative to replacing your exhaust manifold. With T4 sized turbine housings, there is no performance advantage to changing the exhaust manifold to match. So, why go through the expense? The BD-Power T4-T3 Manifold Flange allows you to adapt a T4 Turbocharger to your T3 manifold.



T4 Turbo - T3 Manifold Adapter

1-Year Warranty


Notes: Not for sale on licensed California vehicles. Due to the large variety of stock & aftermarket manifolds and turbos, different hardware may be required (not included). It may be necessary to drill out threaded holes in manifold or turbo to allow a stud to pass through. Cannot be used to adapt a T4 manifold down to a T3 turbo.

BD T4-T3 Adapter Flange