S300 turbo upgrades for a T4 mounting kit. If you have a T4 kit and want to upgrade your turbo to a newer designed generation turbo or larger turbo. The SXE line of turbos is the latest innovation in turbochargers. The SXE turbos comes standard with 360 thrust bearings for longer turbo life and able to withstand higher boost levels and drive pressures. The SXE line come standard with a billet wheel for quicker spool up and increased airflow. All new T4 turbos kits will need custom tunes to run properly in the truck and require a T4 mounting system.


The SXE turbos come as a "super core". A super core turbo is without an exhaust housing. This allow some people to reuse their housing if coming from a turbo that has a compatible housing. If you need a housing simply choose the one you need from the add on menu above..88 housing is for daily driver-quicker spool.91 housing is better suited for competition and lower drive pressure (slightly slower spooling for the street)

Borg Warner 364.5 SXE T4 Turbo