BD 1047500 Thruster 2 66mm Turbo

Brand New no core. The Turbo Thruster II features a HIP'ed (Hot Isostatic Pressed) compressor wheel with 63.5mm inducer and 88mm exducer that can handle high wheel speeds and boost pressures. The new compressor housing and back plate casting improves turbo spool up time and allows full housing rotation for easier installation.


The large 1.0 A/R turbine housing handles higher exhaust flow and eliminates the choke condition experienced with some turbos with .84 housings. The cartridge (or rotating assembly) uses journal bearings and a new 360-degree bronze thrust washer for extended bearing life and making future servicing easier.


Designed as a direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock turbo, the Turbo Thruster II has superior pressure ratios, provides cooler EGTs, no compressor surging and capable of developing up to 36 psi of boost pressure. This turbocharger is non-wastegated.


  • BD designed thrust collar and back plate
  • BD designed sintered brass 360-degree 6-pad thrust bearing
  • Reduced heat build-up and increased bearing durability
  • HIP'd (Hot Isostatic Pressed) compressor wheel
  • Reduced exhaust temperatures and smoke levels
  • No surging1.0 A/R turbine housing
  • Great fit for off-road, street and highway applications!1050 CFM / 525 HP
  • Comp Wheel: 63.5mm 2.50in
  • Turbine Wheel: 68mm 2.68in
  • 12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty

OBS BD Thruster 2 Turbo