7.3 OBS Powerstroke Dieselsite 60MM Wicked Ball Bearing Turbo 1994-1997


This kit comes with all parts needed to upgrade your 7.3L 1994-1997 engine with a Ball Bearing Turbo that includes the high performance Wicked Wheel 2 and mechanical wastegate controller.


Connects perfectly to your stock intake manifold or an early 99 intake plenum if you've already intercooled it.


Wicked Turbo options:

60mm Exducer- For Injectors stock to 160cc

66mm Exducer- For injectors 160cc and larger


Kit includes the following:

  • Wicked Ball Bearing Turbo with Wicked Wheel 2 (60mm)
  • Dieselsite Non-EBV Turbo pedestal
  • Dieselsite Non-EBV Outlet flange(custom made to fit OBS down pipe)
  • Dieselsite Bellowed Up-pipe kit with collector
  • All mounting hardware

Turbo Features include:

  • 1.0 A/R Turbine Housing
  • 360 Thrust Washer
  • Mechanical Wastegate Controller
  • Larger High Performance Wicked Wheel 2 - 60mm inducer/ 84mm exducer. 
  • Larger Center Shaft for increased Strength and Bearing surface
  • Turbo is Rebuildable

Benefits include: 

  • Reduced EGTs!
  • More Horse Power!
  • Extreme Increased Performance!
  • Faster Spooling and Throttle Response!
  • Fully Adjustable Drive Pressure Relief System
  • Superior Surge control & air flow over Stock and other Ball Bearing Turbos!

OBS Wicked Ball Bearing 60MM Turbo Kit